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Yesol Shin

Don’t know which teacher to choose? For me a great teacher is someone that can encourage you during your learning curve. That knows on which building blocks you have to work on and can guide you accordingly. As a more Intermediate Korean language student. Joo was therefore a perfect fit for me. During our first class we discussed about the best class structure for my level. And in each class after that we tweaked a bit here and there to my liking.  She encourages me to be accountable by giving the right amount of (new) information to work with and uses different learning methods which makes learning easier and way more fun. Besides all that she has a bright and bubbly personality which I can totally relate to which is why I think of her as more than just my teacher. So if you are still hesitant about which teacher you should choose on Preply, just choose Joo you won’t be disappointed!

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